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Dental Cleanings

At Jimenez Dental we like to prevent major dental issues with preventative dentistry rather than waiting for a problem to arise. That is why we encourage you to bring your child in for regular cleanings. Kids love snacks, candy, and sodas. While you can moderate their intake of these things, it still can cause a build-up.

That is why consistent cleanings are crucial, especially at a young age when teeth are vulnerable. We use every tool at our disposal to gently get in every corner and attack plaque and tartar a toothbrush can’t get. Your child will leave with a fresh, bright smile that’s healthy and strong.

Benefits of Children’s Dental Cleaning

Cleanings do more than just remove buildup though. While we’re cleaning we can get up close and examine your child’s gums and teeth. It gives us a clearer picture of how well their home dental care is working and where they can improve. Your kids can learn exactly what we need them to be doing, and so will you so that you can reinforce it in the home.

Since we cater to children, we have a specialized approach to making kids feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable with getting their teeth cleaned. Our approach is an interactive educational one—we show your child the tools we’ll be using in a fun childlike approach. This gives your child a sense of ownership and control of the situation which lessens their fears.

After Dr. Joshua Mijares, DDS finishes his exam, one of our skilled hygienists will come in and floss gently to remove tartar. The final step in the process is polishing the teeth with a tasty toothpaste formulated for kids.

Don’t You Forget About Us!

Once you checkout, we will ask you to schedule the next cleaning as it is crucial to maintain regular checkups and cleanings. Your children should have at least two cleanings/checkups per year and more if they have special circumstances that require monitoring.

To maintain the effectiveness of your child’s cleaning, make sure you help them floss at least twice a day as well as brush their teeth. Be sure to teach proper techniques as well! Children should start having their teeth brushed twice daily after their first tooth comes in.

Give Your Child’s Smile the Best Dental Care in Edinburg!

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Comprehensive Dental Exams

Your child’s comprehensive dental exams are one of the most critical components of your child’s oral care. At these twice-yearly exams, we’ll check your child’s teeth and gums to ensure they are progressing healthily.

We make it fun at these exams, we don’t exclude kids from the process we draw them in and make them active participants. We have found that this approach neutralizes most fears kids may have and allows us to perform a more thorough exam.

These exams give us the chance to search for possible dental issues such as bite alignment, cavities, jawbone development, and more. If we find a problem we can go ahead and address them in the early stages when it’s more affordable and easier to correct.

What To Expect

Each child is different so, depending on your child’s dental needs, we may start with low-dose digital imaging of your child’s teeth. We use state-of-the-art imaging equipment that delivers high-quality images with the smallest amount of radiation possible.

When that is done, we’ll take your child to a comfy and fun exam room that is themed with kid’s tastes in mind. Our open-door policy means you’re more than welcome to stay with your child in the exam room.

The dentist will come in to count their teeth and measure gum tissue and take an overall look. They’ll engage your child with questions about their dental routine and then reinforce habits they should be practicing. When that is all done we’ll finish up with a dental cleaning and polish and send your child home smiling.

Schedule your visit at Jimenez Family Dental today. We look forward to getting your child rooted in excellent dental care.


We know it can be disheartening when your child develops a cavity, but there’s good news—it can usually be restored if you catch it early. We use tooth-colored composite fillings to remove the decay and fill the cavity which protects the tooth from further decay.

We understand a filling procedure is a bit more invasive than a typical cleaning. However, we are are trained to work with children and use modern tools and techniques to make it painless and less stressful.

When your child comes in for a filling, we make them feel at home. We use silly names for the instruments (think, Little Mermaid) and show them everything we’ll be using. The more they know, the less they fear in our experiences.

And pain? Not on our watch! We numb the tooth and surrounding gums with topical analgesic—your child won’t feel a thing. In fact, most kids we treat, find it amusing even further alleviating any anxiety.

After we clean the cavity out, we fill it with the tooth-colored composite, shape it just right, and polish it down level. Your child won’t even know the filling is there and it blends right in with their teeth.

Don’t let cavities spring up on you, make sure you are keeping up on your child’s bi-annual checkups and catch cavities quick!

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